SplitCam Guide

How many times did you wish you were in more than one place at the same time? With modern technology: computers, web cameras and broadband Internet – your dreams may at last come true. You come to a nearest computer shop and buy everything necessary to start your first video conference (that’s how IT geeks call video transmission over networks).

In an hour or so you connect a video camera and maybe a microphone to your personal computer and start your yet to become favorite communication software that you selectively picked up from a dozens offered by Google search engine. Your first web call goes to your friend and everything works fine – you can see your friend in front of his computer dressed in his underwear and having his usual morning portion of Tuborg. You can even hear him burping! Isn’t it fantastic?!

It surely is and I completely share your enthusiasm. Troubles start coming in the evening when you are still being chatting with your well overfilled friend and you girlfriend returns from work and being freshly inspired by your morning purchases wants to call her parents immediately. You say “no problem” and without interrupting the session with your friend you start opening another session, this time calling up your beloved future mother in law. To your disappointed something goes wrong: somehow your girlfriend’s mother can’t see your video picture! “What can be the problem?” you think and dive deeper into program configuration. You notice that no video source is selected for the second video session.

“I will fix it in a sec,” you say to your girlfriend while feeding your web camera to the hungry video source selection window. The window meditates for a few seconds and spits out the error message: “Your video source is used by another application and cannot be accessed at this time”. What the heck! Isn’t it supposed to be multitasking operating system? But no matter what you try to do to your web camera and computer – installing freshly downloaded drivers, trying other communication software, slightly tapping your monitor and finally throwing it into washing machine to get rid of possible viruses – nothing helps…

Bad news are that there’s no way to overcome this problem using just operating system support. But I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t have good news for you: SplitCam software is there to help!