Guide to Restreaming through Data Centers in America and Europe

“Server Restream” is a function that allows you to stream using our servers instead of streaming directly, which minimizes the strain on your computer, and is the perfect fix for people who have slow internet connection, their provider or some authorities block the sites they want to stream from in their region or even country.

  At the moment, several data centers in America and Europe are connected in Restream, in the future we plan to expand this network to 20+ countries of the world. Over time, we will post a map of these servers and you can see it on our website.

  We provide the function of restream for free and without restrictions.

To get started, you need to configure one or several of the existing streaming platforms in the program, see the configuration and connection guides at this link

After you have configured the platforms you need for streaming, you just click on the “Stream settings” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the context menu that appears, select one or several platforms for broadcasting that we need and click on the “Restream” button.

If the “Restream” button is green, then the function is on.
You just have to start the broadcast by clicking on the GO LIVE button.
After you clicked on the GO LIVE button and you want to make sure that there is a connection to all channels, or there are some problems, opening the “Stream Settings” button opposite each channel you have a slider, if the slider is lit green – the stream is on and broadcast according to the settings. Yellow – connecting. If the slider is red, there are some problems connecting to this streaming platform.

If you have any problems and want to know their cause, you can open the menu button on the left side

It has a View Log function. When you open this function, you can see what connection problems happened in this log.