SplitCam Changes for macOS Mojave and Catalina

Version 0.7 (12/20/2019)

  • fixed wrong size for selection tool while changing the window size
  • added pre rendered effect icons for effects list
  • fixed CBR for H264 codec
  • added skin smoothing effect
  • added chroma key filter
  • added color adjust functionality
  • improved application stability
  • added stream to file functionality

Version 0.6 (11/19/2019)

  • масOS Catalina supported
  • reviewd a sources of the “modified for multistream” FFMPEG library and estimated a time required for integration library in to the macOS application
  • added UI’s designer tool for edit and save effects of preview picture and thumbnails in a special version of the application
  • added rotation functionality for selected layer
  • added automaticaly showing toolbar for a selected layer in the stream’s preview area
  • added application’s settings window
  • added 40 popular graphics effects which can be applied for a layer or a scene;
  • added rotation functionality for selected layer;
  • added toolbar with most useful options for layers, it automatically showing in the preview area for selected layer;
  • added the application’s settings window with common options;
  • minor bugs fixing

Version 0.4 (06/20/2019)

  • capture video from the camera
  • capture audio from a microphone
  • support for images and gif animations
  • screen capture and windows running applications
  • work with scenes and layers
  • change the depth of the layer using drag and drop
  • support of the main services: twitch, youtube, facebook, mixer and custom server
  • fine tuning of codecs for each service separately
  • saving presets with custom codec settings
  • stream simultaneously to several services
  • scene preview
  • edit the size and position of the layers