How often have you thought about streaming to more than one platform at a time? I’m sure you’ve had this idea before. These days, most streaming platforms have a wide variety of watchers. Building up and audience on different platforms starts to feel impossible.
You sit down in front of your computer to start streaming and suddenly you think “where should I stream today?!” If you streamed the other on Twitch, then you’ll lose a bit of yesterdays Twitch audience by streaming on a different platform the next day. And the same goes for every single platform, and there’s not that many of them left.

So you’re left with picking just one main platform to stream on all the time. You might have though “why does it have to be like this? Why isn’t there a way out?”

But there is!!!
Our program SplitCam is the answer to your problem! Our IT department gives you the chance to stream on several platforms at the same time!

We provide the multi-stream function for free and without restrictions.