Video: SplitCam picture in picture mode (PiP mode)

Thanks our user for the video!

Sometimes you may need to not just use webcam effects, and assume, translation from one webcam to several programs, and it’s need to be seen not only you but also your desktop with all your actions. Perhaps you will write a teaching or explaining video. To do this, there is SplitCam pip mode (picture-in-picture).

Select the pip mode, then select the tab "sources" of your camera, and below the tab "Desktop", the translation mode desktop, you need (you can make sure that the camera will only record what you are showing by the mouse, or it can be part of the desktop, and the whole desktop). After that, in the main screen, your partner will see your desktop and everything you do, and in the lower corner of the small screen, there will be your picture and your comments.

In this video, you will clearly see how a pip SplitCam mode works, is applied to Skype, and Yahoo messenger. I’ll download SplitCam from the official site, I’ll do it in pip mode and comment. Attention to the screen!)

Also we again want to ask all our users who has such ability to make SplitCam video tutorials – send us videos and we’ll share it to all SplitCam users. It will be great help for us.