Video: SplitCam – your webcam in Yahoo, Skype, Windows Live at the same time

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Once you need to communicate with people in different programs (Skype, yahoo messenger or others) but have only one webcam, try SplitCam program. This webcam software allows not just to use webcam effects, but also to split video signal.

In this video I’ll show how to do it. Start SplitCam, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Go to Yahoo Messenger, and in left top corner click “Messenger” – “Preferences”, then choose “Video and voice”. Select as the source of webcam, SplitCam video capture. One more important thing – if your microphone is not built in your webcam, then in the same menu choose right source for microphone, in other words choose in the list your model of microphone. Now if you’ll in menu “Messenger”, “my webcam” you’ll see the same video that in SplitCam with all webcam effects.

Now let’s manage your Skype. Start Skype, then at the top of window choose “Tools” – “Options”. Then in the list in the left menu choose “Video settings”. In right part of window in box “select webcam”, select in the list SplitCam video capture. Now Skype also will show video from SplitCam with all webcam effects you selected. This you can see in the same window under the list of webcam sources.

Both your programs are now working with only one your webcam. So SplitCam is a unique webcam software that allows you not just use webcam effects and record video, but to split video stream from one camera to many programs. Enjoy it!

Also we again want to ask all our users who has such ability to make SplitCam video tutorials – send us videos and we’ll share it to all SplitCam users. It will be great help for us.