SplitCam use review Video (English)

Other video from our user – general SplitCam review: webcam effects selection and more

Start SplitCam and enjoy! In this video, you will learn the basic features of the webcam software, such as SplitCam. Among the main features of SplitCam, is the opportunity to use webcam effects. SplitCam includes the following groups of webcam effects: filters (flip vertical, flip horizontal, different contours and gradients), backgrounds (static and dynamic), face items (masks, dr. Hause mask, gas mask), frames, avatars (President Kennedy, Obama ), objects (flags of different countries, sports, fun, static and dynamic objects), 3D masks (Angus, butterfly, clone helmet, space helmet). You can use these webcam effects, while talking on Skype, Yahoo messenger and other messengers.

Also we again want to ask all our users who has such ability to make SplitCam video tutorials – send us videos and we’ll share it to all SplitCam users. It will be great help for us.