SplitCam audio effects

Video with our new feature – sound effects.

New version of SplitCam allows using not only video webcam effects but also audio effects.

These video will show you how to apply different audio effects. Now I’ll tell you in few words.

In SplitCam you can apply audio effects to your voice using your microphone, to audio file and to sound from video file. Let’s see in every case.

To apply audio effects to your voice through microphone, go to frame “Audio” and in box “audio input devise” select your microphone. Beside it will appear new box “hear yourself” – check it to test audio effects. In near field you see a list with audio effects, choose one you like. To adjust every sound effect more clearly, press next button “options”. New window will appear.

To apply audio effects to sound from any video file, go to “sources”  in SplitCam menu and choose as a source any video file from your computer. Now in frame “audio” check “audio channel” box. In front you see the same list of effects as in previous example. Of course you can adjust sound settings with “options” button. Press “play” button under main screen and experiment with sound.

To apply audio effects to audio file, you should in “Audio” frame check “audio file” box, then press “Add” button, and to list any song or other audio file from your computer. You have a list of the same audio effects as in two previous examples. Test sound, use different sound options with “options” button, and just enjoy SplitCam!