How to use SplitCam with Chatroulette (Video)

Chatroulette is one of the most popular online video chats in the web. This video will show you how to use SplitCam webcam software with Chatroulette.

Firstly start SplitCam and in “Sources” menu choose “Webcam” and in the list select your webcam. Then move to “Audio” menu, there check “Audio input device” box, and in the list select your microphone. It’s done.

Open your browser and go to chatroulette.com. On the right side click “Profile” button. Now you see a window with Chatroulette settings. In the “Camera” list select “SplitCam Video Capture” and in the “Mic” list select “SplitCam Audio Device”. When you’ll start broadcasting or click “Preview” on left screen, small dialog window will appear. Select “Allow” box and close it. Now your Chatroulette is ready to work with SplitCam.

Use SplitCam for free and enjoy!