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Re: Sound for video

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When Splitcam is off:
CPU is running at 3-10% 
GPU is at 0%. 
That's with only Google Chrome open.
When I recorded it previous;y Splitcam was the only program open.
So yes Splitcam appears to be using most of the resources I indicated in last reply.

I had my web cam and one video only loaded in the layers.
Video specs:
1280 X 720  (16:9)
29.97 fps
44100 Hz stereo

Re: Sound for video

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So once again support has stopped replying after not being able to resolve this problem.

splitcam appears to have a problem with using to many resources when trying to stream a standard HQ video with sound. There does not appear to be anyway to resolve this issue. Might need a super fast gaming computer in order to make it work properly but if you need a reliable feed I think it will not be dependable.

The concept is amazing and I hope future versions will be able to resolve this issue.  I ill check back in several months.