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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Yesterday splitcam worked today not anymore
Last post by Beata Undine -
Hi.. Yesterday it worked perfect but today i turning it on and it does not working.. i even downloaded it again and restarted pc many times.. dont work... i added screen on what you can see what i see when i put mouse coursor on splitcam icon but i cant open it on desktop it just does not opening..
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / After install, splitcam dissapears
Last post by chepibe72 -
I installed on Windows 10 the new version of splitcam. I uninstalled a previous version I had before I downloaded and installed your current version. When I tried to run it, it gave me a square black splash screen and then dissapeared. My task manager doesnt show Splitcam on the list. Any help will be appreciated. I did uninstall and reinstalled the current version but same thing
Last post by Robert Patrick -
Hi I'm using Splitcam When I try to pause a video splitcam shuts down. I can fast forward the video and rewind it but when I pause it the whole program shuts down. Also even when there is no source in the video and I just press play and pause it shuts down to. I'm using windows 10 on my operating system.

Any way to fix this?