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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: I cant install Splitcam 9.0
Last post by Raphael "LePwnerer" Kehldorfer -
For me the problem was that i've tried other Virtual Webcam Software before installing splitcam.
Especially Webcamoid installed it's own service which ran AkVCamAssistant.exe and installed 'Webcamoid virtual camera service'
Stopping the service and removing "C:\Program Files\AkVirtualCamera.plugin" folder fixed it.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: I cant install Splitcam 9.0
Last post by Krunk Johnson -
program can not load the error that gives the computer to the computer but again I am installing the same splitcam old stalls but it gives the error of 9.0

I have 2 laptops.  I tried installing the latest Splitcam on laptop #1, which runs  Windows 10 Home, and installation failed.  I tried rebooting several times but installation failed every time and I got the same error as mentioned above.
Next I tried installing Splitcam  on laptop #2, which runs Windows 10 Pro, and the installation was successful.
*The big difference between the two laptops that I could quickly and easily fix?  Laptop #2 had Splitcam 8 installed prior to me upgrading to 9, and Laptop #1 was a clean install attempt. 
My Fix:  On laptop #1,  Installed Splitcam 8, and then installed (upgraded to) Splitcam 9.   Successful install/upgrade.

Hope this helps someone,
Good luck
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / splitcam detect as a malware ??
Last post by Osmwlajsbd -

I just posted here because version 8 and version 9 of Splitcam are detected as malware by my anti-malware and my anti-virus ... .

I would like to know where the problem might come from. And also if other users were exposed to it.

Since I imagine this software is not Malware ....

Have a good day.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Splitcam output is a black screen
Last post by Alice Rey -

when  start the standard camera program it says that it uses splitcam as input, but it only shows a black screen. Thats the same with other programs as well. I already used splitcam on other devices successfully. Any guesses what the problem is?  :'(