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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Nvidia Nvenc support or other GPU usage?
Last post by Andy8 -

does the latest splitcam version (10.5.12) use gpu ressources at all, to traffic video data (as output source for input into skype)?
Does it support nvenc or other gpu-based code, to decrease the load on the cpu?

SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Digital zoom no longer works
Last post by paulwork -
When I first installed Splitcam, I could digitally zoom my webcam under driver properties.  This is now grayed out with no change in webcam.  Using 10.5.12 version.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Last post by nico-boo -
So, let's say it honestly : Logitech drivers are shitty.
I uninstalled some drivers and they were actually resetting the driver properties every damn time.
Thanks, Logitech.
No problem with splicam, I'm glad it's like that finally :)
So be aware if you use Logitech webcams, their drivers and softwares will make you mad.
Last post by nico-boo -

I'm using a Logitech Brio and I have a blue image every time I start SplitCam.
After investigations, it seems I have to enable "white balance" in the driver properties.
So ok, but it is not saved by SplitCam and I have to do it at every launch.
Is there any way to fix that?
Thanks for your help

ps: tried with other softwares, don't have this problem
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Can't uninstall SplitCam from Macbook
Last post by dev_support -
To: all who are faced with this problem:

The best solution is uninstall virtual camera driver from the preferences in SplitCam.

If SplitCam already deleted and you won't install it again, then just remove the SCVirtualCamera.plugin bundle at path /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL (open Finder window and press together Cmd + Shift + G, type this path in to the text field and press Go button). It's ok if system will ask you admin/root password, it's because driver installed in system folder.

Ofcourse you should restart macOS to take effect.

In case If any solutions above did not help you and you still see SplitCam virtual camera driver, then you need write us on [email protected] and describe your situation in details.

SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Recording to hard disc: failure
Last post by Andy8 -
Thanks for your reply.
I by now updated my Windows 10 32-bit to the 64 bit-version and it works a lot better.
Also I changed the power options and it does work fluently now, despite the old pc. Recordings are now possible up to 40 seconds, which is enough for my tasks.

But: is it possible to change the settings for recording via the stream options? Are ther more options for recordings than in the "settings" menu?