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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Splitcam driver not listed as video source for Zoom
Last post by dev_support -

First of all you need to check is virtual cam installed or not. Go to the app's preferences and select Virtual Camera from the list.

If you see this screen, then you need install driver. Please click on Install Driver button.

If you see this screen, then you need to turn ON switch Enable stream to virtual camera

If you see this screen, then write us on [email protected] email and ask to connect you with a technical support in a messenger (Skype, Telegram or Viber).
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Initial mute of audio mixers not honored
Last post by MarcW -

I've one scene with several audio sources (6). All of them are muted (I enable them when needed).
Uppon application start, all mixers show the red muted flag, however, the audio is not muted. Unmute and mute again does the trick.


SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Soundmonitor not Muted
Last post by MarcW -

When enabling audio in the audiomixer, the audio is heard from the local speakers. Ctrl-Click the speaker icon in the lower part of the screen doesn't toggle the monitor. This is first noticed in  v10.5.28.
I upgraded to v10.5.35 and in the initial start it seemed solved. However I needed to reboot since the splitcam audio driver wans't available in the system. After reboot, the problem was back. All mixer audio is heared through the system speaker.

Thanks Marc
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Splitcam driver not listed as video source for Zoom
Last post by wbullaughey -
I have Splitcam installed and added my IP camera. I can see the image from the camera in the SplitCam viewer window but it does not show up as an option in Zoom. I'm running Zoom version Version: 5.7.6 (1320) and Mac BigSur version 11.6 (20G165). I just installed the latest version of SplitCam Version 1.0 (47). Any suggestions?