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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Error V 9 Can't open selected input source
Last post by samtgrizz -
Yesterday Splitcam 9 worked fine.  Today I get a Can't open selected input source error.  Splitcam has accessed the camera because the camera light turns on.  I have tried to uninstall and reinstall splitcam but continue to get the same error.
ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: New SplitCam 9 - Welcome to TEST new version !
Last post by mido -
Meet the first public alpha version of SplitCam software. With the new user interface we are aiming to deliver the best possible experience to our users. A great amount of work has already been done during the last few months and a lot more is still ahead. Most program features are being coded from bottom up using new technologies and updated versions of tools.
We are transferring the functionality available in the previous version of SplitCam to the new one trying to make it even more user friendly and easier to use. Since it's still work in progress we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they will surely influence the final outcome.

SplitCam  9.0 - download link

splitcam gives black screen on video while using any browser
Last post by mallincamusa -
I am using V8.1.4.1 and can easily capture an area of my screen for broadcasting.  I just uploaded V9 of SplitCam and cannot figure out how to capture a portion of the desktop window.  I click on the Video tab.  I then click on the Desktop tab in Video Sources.  Next I select Desktop from the list (just below Full Screen), but I am not provided a way to capture just a portion of the desktop.  What am I missing?
ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: New SplitCam 9 - Welcome to TEST new version !
Last post by blulello -
Hello Phillip

We work for new version right now , we can show you it in two weeks.
I hope you will like it.
Thank You

I am not satisfied. App is unstable and it lack previous versions options like recording and so

Hi, now more than two weeks have passed ... do you have news of the new version?