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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / the server type (location) is not saved
Last post by Павел Хроленко -
Hello. The problem is saving streams. An example with chaturbat. I choose a stream, install a European server or another. I prescribe the key. the stream is going fine. I'm saving the project. I restart the program and the server is Global again (although the European north is specified in the configuration)
And you constantly have to manually change the server in the stream from Global to European.
Will there be a hotfix?
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Virtual webcam with low FPS and periodically stops working
Last post by Павел Хроленко -
Good time of day. The problem with the virtual webcam split cam.
unstable FPS. sometimes it drops to 20 both in the browser and in third-party programs. although the rtmp broadcast and the preview window are fine. the virtual camera is buggy. I tried to reduce the resolution from 1080p to 720p. and for Jasmine, a good picture is important.
also, a couple of times the virtual camera stopped working until you reinstall splitcam again (there is no image or a frozen picture)

what could be? there were no such problems in the OBS with a virtual camera.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Lovense feedback
Last post by archerkem -
Good afternoon.
When adding a layer to a Lovense video feedback in splitcam , the splitcam will freeze for 3-5 seconds and then crash. Accordingly, it is impossible to add this layer. Windows 10 computer, i7 11gen processor
Version Splitcam 10.5.62
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Ajout d'une camera IP
Last post by bernard74800 -

Je n'arrive pas à aouter une camera ip.
Je donne l'adresse ip mais rien ne se passe

La camera est une ctronics  CTIPC-285C
je récupère l'adresse ip et le port avec le logiciel HIP2P de ctronics (adresse ip local et port rtsp 554)

Merci d'avance pour votre aide
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Support for 8 MP IP cams in different resolution
Last post by Tecd0c -
Hello, let me first thank you for your very cool application!
I'm using a Co2 Laser machine in a different room, To see what the Laser is doing and also for positioning I use a 8MP camera HBVCAM-8M1915 V11  that has 3264x2448 resolution.
I set up a Raspberry Pi as a relay (LightBurnBridge) to stream the USB (web)cam to my network where I need the video/pic for the application Lightburn.
Spllitcam does properly recognize the steam over IP Camera.

But as resolution there is no 3264x2448.
Is there a way to set custom resolutions with SplitCam?
Or is it possible to implement my resolution?
Thank you!