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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Communicate fps (and resolution) to the System
Last post by Camzerorider -
Not sure if this is the right topic ... it's actually a mixture of feature request and issue

I am using Jami (Url: ) on Windows 10. It seems generally that SplitCam does NOT communicate the fps and/or the resolution you've selected using SplitCam:

Even if you change the fps / and or resolution using SplitCam it is not communicated to the system? Can you please change / fix this issue?
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Can't Position Lower Third Graphic at Bottom--Leaves a row of pixels
Last post by Mooring55 -
I have a camera full canvas.  I added a lower third graphic and tried to put it flush with the bottom of the scene canvas.  But I can't get it to the bottom,  After I try and the "Blue Selection Outline" is turned off, there is a row of camera pixels on the bottom of the screen.  How can I nudge that graphic so it is flush with the bottom of the scene canvas?

FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Option to edit a scene while another scene is active
Last post by MarcW -
Most of the time I use the same scene. However sometimes while using this scene I want to prepare another so I can show that one next. Currently when you switch scene to edit is it also the active one.  It would be nice if this can be separated.

I vaguely recall that I saw this request somewhere, but I couldn't find it here so I created this one.  Sorry if it is a duplicate.

SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / SplitCam crashes when I attempt to use my UAD Apollo
Last post by Obsidian Grove -
Hey everyone,

I am using the latest version of SplitCam, the latest version of all UAD software and drivers, and I am using MacOS Monterey 12.5.

SplitCam crashes for me when I attempt to directly add my Thuderbolt UAD Apollo Twin audio interface as an input. It also crashes when I have this device used as a part of an Aggregate Device or a Multi-Output device. The audio interface is listed as a PCI card, in case that helps.

Here are the logs from the MacOS Crash reporter:

I REALLY need to use this device, my whole streaming setup revolves around having good audio.

Here is a log from the MacOS Crash Reporter:

PLEASE help me with this!