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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / No Audio when playing video through splitcam
Last post by SI TR -

I used older versions of Splitcam (sort of black and yellow themed) and the audio was always very straight forward and worked well. But I seem to be having issues with this new version (black and blue themed)

In this mdoern version I can easily load videos into the player and can broadcast them as if it were my webcam through various applications. The issue is that The audio doesn't seem to work. I can see the audio section. I can see the little meter going up and down as if it is supposed to be outputting sound. But it just... isn't. Nobody can hear anything on the other end either.

I am running an alien-ware R5 laptop and find it hard to believe it is any issue with that. Is it perhaps some setting that comes turned off during installation?

I love to new interface and would hate to go back to using an older version. Any audio help would be great here. I played around with some settings but to no avail.

let me know if i can tlel you anything to help. I am hoping it is just a common issue that is easily fixed.