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Last post by Tim Nicholson -
When trying to take a snapshot using the camera icon or switching scenes no snapshot is actually taken.
The log shows the following:-
ImageSaver Error:Can't create or copy to bitmap
CTL clicking on the camera icon opens the snapshot location which is valid.

Win 10 SplitCam 10.5.80 x64
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / SplitCam exception Unknown error occured [Windows 10 32-bit]
Last post by Camzerorider -
I just installed the Version for Windows 10 (x86) - SplitCam v10.5.92.

I am using Windows 10 32-bit (Intel(R)_Atom(TM)_CPU__Z3735F)

Even if I run SplitCam as administrator or/and if I run SplitCam in compatibility mode.

EDIT: I just saw the system requirements:
I am using only 2GB RAM. So this version does not work because I have not enough RAM? Is this the reason why I get this error message?

Is there any old version which will work if I am using just 2GB RAM?
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / frozen image a few minutes after starting
Last post by darlingjenny -
I have been using this program for two years for my transmissions and for about 2 weeks I have not been able to use it because a few minutes after starting the transmission my image freezes, I tried another camera to see if it was the problem and it kept freezing, uninstall it and install the program again and it continues to freeze, install another transmission program and it works for me but with splitcam it doesn't work for me. How can this problem be fixed I really like this program for my transmissions
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Recorded video quality is very low
Last post by Anatoly Smelkov -

Thank you for taking time to report the problem. I agree with the sound quality — it's too low in the recorded video. Actually I've already taken care of it and it'll be at normal 192 kbit/sec with the next program release. It was a bug that we've missed during testing.

As for the picture quality let me explain. The compression used during creation of recorded video is adaptive. This means that we don't store more information than is necessary to deliver a high quality output. The bitrate for different sources will not be the same: for completely black screen the bitrate will be minimal and for highly dynamic scenes it might grow very high.

Here are some examples. The first is the information about the video with completely black screen. It has the video bitrate of only 55 kb/sec which is enough to paint every frame black.

The second one is the video created from a static image. The bit bitrate is considerably larger: 3910 kb/s.

And the last one is the recording of a video file. It has the largest bitrate of the three: 6621 kb/s.

Though these files have different bitrate all of them deliver a very high quality picture. Take a look and compare: can you the difference between original image and the one taken from the video file recorded with SplitCam?

Have a great day!
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Problems with Mac version 1.4
Last post by routeserver -

I upgrade from v1.2 to 1.4 some weeks ago. The version 1.2 runs stable. The new version1.4 lose webcams all the time. This is annoying. A quick check on other programs shows that these webcam are still available. But Splittcam shows only the "please wait" symbol.

Any tips?

Where can I download the old version 1.2 again?