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ANNOUNCEMENTS / New SplitCam X (ver. 10.0.64) - Welcome to TEST new version !
Meet the first public version of SplitCam X software. With the new user interface we are aiming to deliver the best possible experience to our users. A great amount of work has already been done during the last few months and a lot more is still ahead.
Most program features are being coded from bottom up using new technologies and updated versions of tools.
We are transferring the functionality available in the previous version of SplitCam to the new one trying to make it even more user friendly and easier to use. Since it's still work in progress we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they will surely influence the final outcome.

SplitCam X (ver.10.0.64) - download link
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Re: Can't add video as Media Layer
Hello Bigmim

Thank you for your post.

The SplitCam version for mac its still beta - we work to add now text and video.
Next step we want to add virtual video camera.

Check our site for new updates.