9 Streaming Ideas You Can Make Millions From

What if you can just do what you love, even if it’s a game with a cat, and get paid for it?

In streaming, getting the first thousand subscribers is much easier than casting for a movie or releasing a video for your song. And where there are subscribers – there is money in the form of donations from them and profits from advertising, and, according to statistics, the amounts are very inspiring. In 2020, due to the coronavirus epidemic, all concerts, parties, education and entertainment moved online. Streamers’ income from this only grows. You have a great chance to jump on this train! And for this it is not at all necessary to sit for days in Fortnite or other ultra-popular games: anyone and anything can stream. Check out what is interesting to you from this list – and try yourself in a new capacity.

Live concerts

A good option if you know more than three chords on the guitar and sing with passion, play cool musical instruments, or even put together your own band. To make your performance memorable, be sure to create a playlist and be sure to interact with viewers during breaks so that they can sense your presence.

And most importantly, take care of quality sound. The built-in microphones of laptops and smartphones are not always up to the task. Better to buy or rent a good vocal microphone, or rent a rehearsal room for a couple of hours.

Old school games

If you started playing computer games back in the nineties, surely the names of StarCraft, Diablo, Fallout alone still cause you sacred awe. Play as a Zerg, defeat Terrans and Protoss and generate enough Vespene Gas in the Extractor. Defeat the army of bone dragons, create a Cloud Temple in the tower and walk through the entire map with a hundred titans and archmages. If you understand what this is about, then it’s time to stream these games and plunge into the waves of nostalgia with like-minded people.

Yoga classes

Doing yoga with YouTube videos is convenient, but there is a drawback: there is a great temptation to pause the video, go to eat, sleep, open videos with cats in parallel, check social networks, in a word, get distracted and lose the mood. For many, practicing with live video is much more interesting and honest than repeating everything according to a pre-recorded training session.

If you are not new to yoga, show the world your favorite asanas and tell about their nuances: how to stretch, where to look, how to breathe. The main thing is to “collect” a beautiful picture of the correct performance and take care of the appropriate music.


Streaming meditation with a soothing voice and interesting visuals is your contribution to harmonizing a stress-weary planet. To make you want to meditate in your company, speak slowly, quietly, but calmly and confidently. Pick up relaxing music or nature sounds. It can be the whisper of waves, rustle of leaves, light singing of birds. Make sure that users like the picture: clothes in soothing colors, soft backgrounds, no sudden movements and bright flashes.


The most beloved part of the school curriculum is physical and chemical experiments. Some of them can be quite effective. The easiest option is to fill a bottle with water and dip a bag of ketchup into it, and then pretend that you control it by moving your hand passes.

The experiment is a little more complicated – elephant toothpaste: Take 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon of dish soap, a few drops of food coloring, mix in a tall glass or bottle, and then add a little yeast to the mixture. And enjoy the effect!

The main thing is to act strictly according to the instructions, to take care of your eyes and not to venture into experiments with potentially hazardous substances. Arm yourself with a book with experiments for children, not a collection of laboratory works. Give up the idea of ​​such streaming right away if you forgot at school: do you need to pour water into acid or vice versa?

Pet Games

You can look forever at the “good boys” who give their paws, sit down, lie down and dance for a piece of cheese. And if you teach a cat to bring a ball or jump into your arms, then all the more, very soon you will gather a whole army of fans.

However, if you pet a purring cat in front of the camera, you will get no fewer subscribers. In Asian countries, such streams are in vogue: they help to relax after a hard day. In addition, for example, in Japan, not everyone can afford to have a cat, so looking at someone else’s animal is also nice.

There is no time to squeeze a cat or a dog on the camera – just turn it on when the animals are alone at home, and watch the antics of your pets with your subscribers. Finally, if you suddenly have an ant farm, you can stream its life. Ants have a complex hierarchy and a clear distribution of responsibilities, and it is very interesting to explore their world.


Loop by loop, column by column: Knitting is a very meditative and rewarding activity. Learning is actually very simple. Watch other streamers or YouTube videos, and in a few minutes you will be able to cast your first row of stitches on the knitting needles and learn how to distinguish a front loop from a purl one. And you can crochet a chain in a minute. If you already know how to knit and are doing it well, it’s absolutely great: it is terribly inconvenient to master this science from the pictures in the tutorials, it will be easier for many to learn from your guides.

Now it’s hot outside, but remember: winter is coming! So you can prepare gifts for your family in advance: a warm sweater, socks, a scarf and a hat. Everything that is connected with your own hands is of particular value. We are sure that the stream “How to knit socks in 3 hours” will be very popular.


Even if you only know about scrambled eggs and toast, you can stream it. You just need to be creative in the process: for example, cook scrambled eggs in bright bell pepper rings, and lay out a picture of cucumbers and pieces of “Doctor’s” on toasts.

Subscribers will follow your new experiments and, perhaps, even offer to cook something specific. You will grow and develop as a chef, making beautiful and unrealistically delicious dishes. Perhaps even compete with Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver!


Recently, people increasingly want to express themselves through color and shape, engage in art therapy, seek to decorate their home or make a creative gift to a loved one. Watching how a work of art is born is very mesmerizing.

In Photoshop or on canvas, acrylic, oil or watercolor – all options are good. You can conduct online workshops, draw cartoons and sketches, create graphics for games on a computer, or draw three-dimensional interiors. In a word, experiment and do not deny yourself anything – let the muses never leave you!