Release SplitCam v 10.3.85 (06/12/2020)


  • Added About… dialog containing program development history and most important support links.
  • Added Exit command to hamburger menu.


  • Prevent Windows from entering Sleep mode when SplitCam is running.
  • Additional software encoder optimization aimed at more stable CBR streaming mode.
  • Updated IP-campera capture source for more stable work. No new formats support added.
  • Scene buttons preview thumbnail updated to give more stability and to work more reliably.


  • Skin smoother issues fixed
  • Fixed the lag when restarting video file playback after switching scenes or resuming a paused video file.
  • Fixed scene switching bug: two scenes drawing to canvas at the same time.
  • Fixed black full screen capture output when swtching between scenes when all the scenes contain full screen capture source.
  • Fixed spontaneous program crashes hapenning at random when system state changed.
  • Fixed crashes when deleting IP-camera layer from scene.
  • Fixed SplitCam crashe when a problem is encountered in a running Web page source.
  • Fixed displaying of RAM usage over 4 GiB. Minor cosmetic changes in video file source.