NEW SplitCam

New features:

1. Added some optimization for resize methods.
2. CPU loading decreased on 5-10%.
3. Added the additional frame resolutions in SplitCam Video Filter.
4. The option Autostart from apps.
5. SplitCam works only with the original resolutions of video sources.
6. Full support of ID3v2 tag for MP3 files.
7. Turned off the screensaver for the full screen mode.
8. Added the resolutions control for AVI Writer.
9. Added a set of Audio Input Device option by default.
10. Broadcast optimization and new diagnostics.
11. Restored My Voice button.
12. Restored SplitCam Video Driver.
13. New LightCorrection effect.
14. Support of new authentication and new features for YouTube upload.
15. Added Italian language.
16. Show of video source info in the main window.
17. New console command for reset of SplitCam settings by default: splitcam.exe -opt clr.
18. File recording was replaced from AVI on MP4/H.264 format.
19. Moved SplitCam.log to Users folder: C:\Users\<Your_username>\AppData\Roaming\SplitCam
20. Decreased start time.
21. Added support of several audio tracks for video files.
23. Added the new scale resize to Splitcam Video Driver.
24. Tested with MS Windows 10.
25. Decreased CPU loading for video capture in IE.
26. Added support of Autostart from app for SplitCam Video Driver.
27. Show of video resolution in the main window from SplitCam Video Driver by connect.


Fixed bugs :
1. SplitCam did not show video if Internet was off.
2. In Pause if to select Resolution in Option, Splitcam ran video with Pause button.
3. Removed Background effects.
4. Video was frozen by writing to .avi if to move the slider.
5. IP Camera worked only with URL in a low case.
6. Restored Slideshow
7. No SplitCam title in Taskbar.
8. The scroll of Audio play list was incorrect.
9. Crash on Mixer in PiP, if there was not selected any Audio source.
10. Did not work the scrolling slider for the mouse wheel in Effects list.
11. Did not work Hot Key command in Help menu.
12. Leak memory in the mixer during play of audio files.
13. Broadcast: if user did not select any channel, Broadcast started.
14. Start of sound before the ad.
15. Crash on AD when it was selected the other film, image or desktop
16. Facebook Video chat did not work for SplitCam Video Filter in Firefox.
17. Leak memory in SpliCam HD Plugin.
18. SplitCam Video Driver did not show a video with resolutions: 1600×1200, 1920×1440.


Minimal SplitCam requirements

1. OS: Microsoft Windows XP (and later).

2. CPU: Intel Dual Core (or equivalent).

3. 2 GB RAM.
Recommended SplitCam requirements.

1. OS(x86 or x64): Microsofy Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

2. CPU: Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) and faster.

3. 2 GB RAM and high.

4. Internet connection of at 1000 kbs and faster.

5. Web camera




Note: In MS Edge browser the Adobe Flash Player doesn’t support SplitCam. But you can open the page in Edge and call Internet Explorer via Edge properties.