All SplitCam features Video Tutorial

This video is about main features of SplitCam webcam software.

At the bottom of SplitCam window you can see buttons for access to all SplitCam features. Also you can use main menu however the buttons at the bottom of SplitCam window are more usable. Here you can find “Effects”, “Sources”, “Snapshot”, “Options”, “Audio”, “PiP mode” (picture-in-picture), “YouTube” and “Like” (our Facebook link) buttons. Let’s take a look on them.

Options. Here you have “Minimize to tray” box to hide SplitCam window to system tray when it’s inactive. Active “Start with Windows” box starts SplitCam automatically when Windows starts up. “Check for update” have 2 modes – auto when program checks for new updates when it needs, and now – to check for updates manually right now. “Resolution” is to change streaming video resolutions, “Color scheme”, “Contrast” and “Brightness” are to change color balance.

Snapshot. This tab is for taking snapshots from your webcam. There is “Take snapshot” button to do a snapshot right now. “Snapshot with 5 seconds delay” – to make a snapshot with the delay in 5 seconds – maybe you need time to prepare. “Non-stop” – will take snapshots until you’ll stop it. You may choose any interval in seconds before next snapshot. “Save snapshot to disc” saves selected snapshots to your hard disc or other storage hardware.

Sources. This menu allows choosing source of your video. There are 4 variants. “Webcam” tab suggests you to choose your webcam model to broadcast or record video. “Video” allows using as a source any video file – movie, clip etc. With “Image” tab you can send any picture instead webcam. “Desktop” – there are 3 “Desktop” modes. First is “Full screen” to show whole your desktop. Next is “Partial” or “Following by mouse”, that means SplitCam shows only part of desktop that is targeted by your mouse. And the last one is “Selected screen” that means you will show only part of desktop that is selected by special frame. We will use full screen mode for broadcasting whole desktop.

Effects. Here you can find different cool webcam effects.

  • There are “Filters” – filter effects such as black&white, blue, red, green gradient, old movie, negative and many others. Make double click on desired effect to apply it.
  • “Background” changes your background, for example to a beach or night city or other. Double click on background, then new small window will appear. Click “Take Snapshot” and go out of webcam range of vision. Wait 3 seconds, apply snapshot and your background view is ready.
  • “Face items”. Use different funny face items to make your communication brighter. Here you have masks, eyes, eyebrows, noses, ears, hats, wigs, 3D masks.
  • “Frames” are to make borders of your image more interesting. Try it.
  • “Avatars”. Just select avatar of any popular person and substitute your face. Now you are the president of USA or cartoon hero.
  • “Objects”. Static and dynamic objects of sport, holidays, fun, flags.
  • “Text”, “Date and Time”. You may also input text over video image. For this restore SplitCam window and go to “Effects”. Choose “Text” tab. Now input any text. It will appear over your video. At the same window you may change font size, style, color, and position. To write date and time over the video, go to “Date and time” tab in SplitCam effects menu. Change date and time format, size, style, and then check “Show Clock” box. Now its on your screen. You may also change its position.
  • “Custom”. You can create your own webcam effect. Choose “Custom” frame, then upload any picture from computer. Give name to your object, choose category in which it will be saved. Choose frame count to make your picture larger or smaller, and delay to apply speed of movement on the screen. Then click “Create and Save Object” to save effect in selected group.
  • “Audio”. Here you can find audio settings and audio effects. To apply audio effects to your voice through microphone, go to “Audio” tab and in “Audio Input Devise” list select your microphone. Near it new box “Hear yourself” will appear – check it to test audio effects. In next field you see a list with audio effects, choose one you like. To adjust every sound effect more clearly, press next button “Options”. New window will appear.

To apply audio effects to sound from any video file, go to “Sources” in SplitCam and choose any video file from your computer as a source. Now in “Audio” tab check “audio channel” box. In front you see the same list of effects as in previous example. Of course you can adjust sound settings with “options” button. Press “play” button under main screen and experiment with sound.

To apply audio effects to audio file, you should in “Audio” tab check “Audio File” box, then press “Add” button, and add to list any song or other audio file from your computer. You have a list of the same audio effects as in two previous examples.

  • “PIP mode” (picture-in-picture). Check pip box under main SplitCam video area and go to “Sources” menu again. On the “Webcam” tab select your webcam. Now in main window we have 2 pictures – one big with your desktop and small with your image – PiP mode. Small window can be changed in size and position.
  • “Like” button. When you click this button you will be sent to our Facebook webpage. There you can write your comments, suggestions, and see fresh news about SplitCam.
  • “YouTube” button. Here you can share your video on YouTube in few clicks. Just fill necessary fields and go! Type in your username, select needed video file, and title it as you want. If you wish give it description. Write down keywords to make it easier for search, select category and click “Upload”. You’re YouTube star!
  • “Rec” button under main SplitCam video area is for recording your webcam. Depending on source you selected, you may record from video file, your actions on desktop or just your image from webcam. When you click “rec”, SplitCam will ask you file location to save. Make sure that hard disc have enough free space to record and save video. Give name to your video file and click “Save”, recording started! To stop record click “Rec” button again.

From main menu at the top of SplitCam window you also can do all the described actions. Besides from main menu “Options” you can change language of SplitCam interface. In “Help” menu you can see hotkeys combinations for SplitCam. In the same menu, clicking on “About SplitCam” you can see the current version of program.

Use SplitCam for free and enjoy!