SplitCam Objects Effects Review

As you know SplitCam offers webcam effects. In this post we described one group of our effects – SplitCam objects effects. You can see these effects on Objects tab of Effects window.

SplitCam Objects Effects

At the moment object effects in SplitCam are divided into 4 subcategories

First subcategory is Flags. Here you can add to your video any country flag or even several variants of flag.

Flags SplitCam

Second is Holidays. Here you can add some images associated with holidays.

Holidays SplitCam

Next subcategory is Fun where you can find funny images and add them to your webcam video.

Fun Objects SplitCam

In Sports subcategory sports images are collected.

Sports Effects SplitCam

Additionally you can add to objects effects any image stored on your computer. For this open custom effects window and add the effect.

SplitCam Custom Effect

Any Image Effect SplitCam

Also you can move object effects and/or change their size with mouse left button.

That’s all. Use SplitCam objects effects and enjoy!