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trendnet IP cam connection


I don't havec any webcam, but I have an IP cam.
I would like to use it through splitcam, to be able to be on video on skype or other communication systems.

I have a Trendnet IP cam (TV-IP862IC).
When I try to connect that cam on splitcam, entering : rtsp://[admin:[email protected]]192.168.0.xx:xx
it seem to get conneted, but I don't get any image.
I just get some sort of bubbles moving : I guess it's the splitcam drawing when no image is coming from the cam.

Do you know how I cold deal with that problem ?

That IP Cam, can also be viewed on the trendnet cloud, using the adress :
where camref is the ID of the camera.
But then and ID and password have to be given.
If it's not possible to get the connection directly with the IP adress, could it be possible through this cloud link ?

thanks for your help !!