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Multiple output drivers

I like the way SplitCam can make it possible to use your webcam for multiple applications at te same time. I like it so much, that I would like to suggest to make it possible that - if you have multiple webcams connected to your pc - you can access all your webcams via the SplitCam virtual drivers. I mean it in the following sense.

Suppose you have two webcams, webcam1 and webcam2. I would like to load both in SplitCam and if I use (for example) OBS to stream te cams, that I can choose SplitCamVirtualDriver-webcam1 and SplitCamVirtualDriver-webcam2 to make my scenes in OBS. At the same time in pythons OpenCV I want to be able to create an output stream with both webcam outputs also via de virtual drivers.

If it's not too complicated, also that is it is not limited by the number of webcams.

Is that possible to make?

Thanks in advance!