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I previously used another program where you could assign hotkeys yourself so that you could switch scenes at the touch of a button. These hotkeys also worked if, for example, you were on the “Lidart” website in Google Chrome but also had other tabs open.
With Splitcam, these hotkeys only work if you have the program actively in the foreground.
If Splitcam is running in the background and I am currently on my website and want to change the scene from Splitcam with CTRL 1 CTRL 2, Google Chrome only changes the tabs.
So I have to bring Splitcam to the foreground, press the hotkeys and then go back to my website.
Is there a solution?

translation with Google

thx Markus

Re: Hotkey

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Hi, thanks for using SplitCam!

For the task of switching scenes in SplitCam without first bringing the SplitCams' main window to front you can use global hotkeys: Alt-Shift-1 to activate the first scene, Alt-Shift-2 for the second scene, etc.

You can find the list of all available hotkeys in Program Settings dialog on the Hotkeys tab. Unfortunately you cannot assign your own key combinations at the moment.
SplitCam development and support team.

Re: Hotkey

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Great, thank you very much.
 You understood my question and answered perfectly. I have read that (global hotkey) but my PC and English skills are not that good.
It works :-)
Wish you all the best and a nice time