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Splitcam Video Driver Microstutter

I use Splitcam in combination with Elgato Cam Link 4k connected to a Sony ZV-E10.

In the Splitcam app, the preview image is 100% smooth without any judder/microstutter. The camera and Splitcam app is set to a frame rate of 24p. However, as soon as I use the Splitcam Video Driver, e.g. in the browser or in OBS, the image jerks very slightly. It seems that the frame rate of the Splitcam video driver does not match the other settings. In OBS, the source of the driver is recognised as 59.94. Even if I change it to the correct 24p, the micro-stutters do not go away.


PC specs:

Windows 11
Intel i7 12700F
Nvidia 3060Ti
Splitcam Version 10.7.16