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Facing issue and need help

I'm facing an issue with initiating the recording process. My brother, who is visually impaired and relies on keyboard commands and hotkeys, wants to use this program for video recording. However, the hotkey combination of Ctrl+R is not functioning in version 10.5.80 x64 on Windows 11. He is using a Logitech C920s webcam. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to start recording using keyboard commands or how to resolve this problem with the non-functional hotkey?

Re: Facing issue and need help

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It looks like the Ctrl-R shortcut key is already used on your system by some other program. You can start/stop SplitCam recording using the global Alt-Shift-R shortcut. It is not required that SplitCam is active or even visible for Alt-Shift-... shortcuts to work. The only requirements is that those shortcuts don't interfere with other programs.
SplitCam development and support team.

Re: Facing issue and need help

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Update your splitcam to new version ,please.