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Settings>Bluetooth & Devices>Camera No Longer Working

After installing SplitCam 10.6.36 on my W11 Pro, I can no longer manage my cameras.
I often need to change my primary camera from A to B.
When I open the camera app, I am presented with a view showing SplitCam logo and a picture. I can switch to camera B, which was primary camera when SplitCam was installed.
When I try to select Camera A, I get camera is in use by another app and is not available.
I would really like to use SplitCam, but if I can't switch my primary camera when needed, well, it's Good Bye, SplitCam. Hello..................
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Re: Settings>Bluetooth & Devices>Camera No Longer Working

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If you try to use the camera while it is open in any other application, it will not open.
Also, try installing the splitcam with "Disable Media Foundation Frame Server" setting disabled and write to us.