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Impossible to load "wmv" files

Hi all,

Sorry for my english. its not my native language....
I use Splitcam from many years but from 1 week i cant load file "wmv".
i can load avi, mov, mp4 but not wmv.

I use Windows 8, before i ve never meet this trouble.
I ve unsistall and install again splitcam but without success. I have splitcam (for my win 8...).

msg is :
"Failed to load video
Maybe you do not have the codec or file is corrupted"
I ve add new codecs but no. i havent unistall codecs before this trouble. and these same files was load with succes before.

Many thanks for your answers

Re: Impossible to load "wmv" files

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I'm sorry but we not support old version
We only support version 10 and higher.
Sorry about that.

Re: Impossible to load "wmv" files

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Ok but 3 weeks ago with win8. It worked