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Cannot change splitcam virtual device name

Okay, this is really ticking me off. I will start with my specs and install, and then to the issue, and then to fixes I have attempted that did not work.

I'm using a Windows 10 PC. Plenty of memory and processing power.
Install folder for splitcam, I set to "D:\progs\SplitCam\10" and it installed and runs without issue.

The issue arises when I go into "SplitCam Settings" and then into "Additional", and change the text "SplitCam Video Driver" to anything else, and attempt to save changes.
It then gives me this crap about "Can't change the driver name: The required registry key was not found."
Please pardon my language, but this is bullshit. I know for a fact that the SplitCam install worked just fine, because it allows me to use my webcam feeds and combine them into one feed, and has allowed me to use said feed with Discord video chat.

Solutions I have attempted:
Tried to right-click the icon, and click as run as administrator. For some weird reason, that option isn't even there. That's a first for me, but it doesn't stop me.

I then go into the folder itself where the program is installed, locate "splitcam.exe", right-click THAT, and run as administrator.
Now the program is running as admin. (It should be noted I am the admin, in the admin account on the computer).
I then try to change the text again. SAME ERROR!

So, I use regedit (registry editor), and search function to search for keys with "SplitCam Video Driver" and change the content of said keys MANUALLY to what I want.
Once done, this has caused the video feed to no longer work when forwarded to programs like discord.

I change the keys back, and it works, BUT IT IS STILL THAT TEXT.


Thank you for your time.

Re: Cannot change splitcam virtual device name

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Hi. Thank you for taking time to report the issue. I'm sorry it caused you troubles. You shouldn't try to edit the Windows registry manually: to change the SplitCam Virtual Webcam Driver name you have to make several changes in the registry and it is best to use the standard method offered by SplitCam via its settings.

Obviously it doesn't always work either. In your case it is complaining that the required registry path was not found. What SplitCam is looking for is one of the media devices located at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\MEDIA". There should be several subkeys named "0000", "0001", etc. One of these keys should have a parameter "Service" with the value "splitcam_hd_driver". This the culprit in your case: there are no devices with Service parameter names "splitcam_hd_driver".

See the attached file how this looks on my computer. Please check your registry and look through media devices listed at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\MEDIA", maybe together we'll be able to locate the cause of the problem.
SplitCam development and support team.