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Can't share Website with movement

Good evening. I use this software for giving my class on Google Meet and it is very useful.

However if i try to share a window with movement (youtube, twitch, any website with some kind of movement), it works fine as long as i keep it maximized and at the front of the screen. Once i minimize it or open another window over it, the animation stops (In the case of youtube, the video box turns white, on twitch it turns black, and in other cases it just freezes).
I tested and it happens with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

I noticed that it doesnt matter it the tab i want to share is fullscreen or windowed, in the very moment i cover it with another window completely it freezes.
The sound has no problem at all

The problem doesn't seem to happen with FIREFOX. i tested it and it worked just fine.

PC specs on DxDiag.txt

Thanks for your support.