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Splitcam Crashing


I am in need of some assistance. Splitcam initially launches just fine with no issues present. Then I go to add some camera feeds (rtsp) and both of the feeds display just fine. After closing the application and trying to relaunch it, the application does not reopen. I see the initial launch image that says Splitcam loading..please wait. After about a second or so that image will disappear and Splitcam will not open. When clicking the shortcut again, or multiple times the application will still not open up for me.

I have tried to hold the left Shift key on the keyboard and then try to open Splitcam and that indeed does bring it up for me. However, I will close out of the application once more by hitting the X up in the top right corner, and then try to relaunch, and it will not open again. Same as above where I will see the Splitcam image and to please wait.

Any suggestions or possible leads here?
I am running Windows 10 Home and have downloaded Splitcam 10.5.12 directly from the website. So it seems no matter what I do, I have to keep the left Shift key held down to open the application.

Re: Splitcam Crashing

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thinking that there are few bugs in handling IP-cameras. May be the following information will help:
we have also connected a IP-Cam and i saved the configuration to an XML file. THis configuration file want to use on another PC where Splitcam is also installed. But in this network the IP-Cam was not reachable. When i tried to delete the IP-Cam in the MEDIA Layer - the Splitcam crashed - if i tried to delete the entire scene where the IP-Camera was involved it crashed as well.
Solution found: first STOP the stream with the PAUSE button under the MEDIA SETTINGS - than we could delete the camera or delete the scene. Not sure if it helps in your case

Re: Splitcam Crashing

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Hello guys

Please try to download version 10.5.27 from site, and let us know if the issue repeat in your pcs?

Thank you