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SplitCam source stuck to 29 FPS


I'm using a 1080p60 webcam on SplitCam v. 10.5.12 x64
My scene is configured to [email protected] FPS
The preview in SplitCam window is smooth and actual 60 FPS

But whenever I try to use my SplitCam source in another software such as OBS, Discord or Nvdia Broadcast, it shows as [email protected] FPS, regardless of the FPS settings in the source.

Did I miss something ?

Re: SplitCam source stuck to 29 FPS

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Attached log and config files.

Re: SplitCam source stuck to 29 FPS

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Problem still occurs with the latest version (v. 15.5.28 x64)

Is there a way to remove this 29 FPS cap ? Maybe did I miss something ?
I bought a 60 FPS webcam and not being able to use it at its full potential with SplitCam is very frustrating.


Re: SplitCam source stuck to 29 FPS

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It's should work. Let,s investigate the issue. How do you check fps on obs and other soft? please, describe your pc, what CPU, video...

Re: SplitCam source stuck to 29 FPS

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What I'm trying to achieve is to fork my Logitech StreamCam so I can use it both in OBS and in Nvidia Broadcast (so I can have a scene with the background removed by Nvidia Broacast and another one with the background using SplitCam Video Driver as source)

Nvidia Broadcast indicates 1920 x 1080 @ 29 FPS for SplitCam Video Driver. I can choose other resolutions but all of them are capped to 29 FPS (see attached screenshot)

In OBS, it says "Framerate identical to the output (automatic selection: 29.97 NTSC)" (see attached screenshot)

So it seems that it tries to match the NTSC framerate instead of using 60 FPS (or 59.94 FPS)

Here is a video capture of all the 3 softwares filming a 60 Hz flicker video :
The SplitCam preview window is smooth unlike OBS and Nvida Broadcast

Nvidia Broadcast and OBS operate properly at 60 FPS when the Logitech StreamCam is selected.

I run Windows 10 on an AMD 5950x PC with an RTX 3080 and 32 G of RAM. Check attached CPU-Z report for details.

Re: SplitCam source stuck to 29 FPS

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Thank you. We found the issue. On next release it will work better, but still cannot achieve 60fps on driver output (selection will be posible ). Working on it.