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Recording to hard disc: failure

could someone look over the following recording-problem and try to help me solve it, please?
Especially: Which better settings for my system do you suggest?

The Problem is: When I try to record video and audio to my hard disc (HDD, 650 GBs free), I get an error message ( see below) and cannot record more than 6 seconds. Also, sound is missing.

My System is:
Windows 10 Pro (20H2), 32-bit,
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 7400 (2x 2,8 GHz),
RAM: 8 GB DDR2 Ram (800 Mhz),
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 730 (2 GB RAM), driver:
2 Webcams of different noname brands, both running with Windows-driver: 10.0.19041.964
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA EP 43-DS3

I use SplitCam Version 10.5.12 and these are my settings:
General: Canvas: 1280x720, fps: 30, Second Layer /PiP: 640x480 @30 fps, Microphone: iRig MicCast HD
Recording: same 1280x720, fps: 30

Restreaming parameters:
Audio Encoder: AAC at 128 bits
Video Encoder: Software H.264, Rate Control: CBR
Video resolution: 1280x720 @ 30 fps
Preset: "very fast", with keyframe at 2 secs,
Profile: "high", 2500 kbits/sec
Tune: "zerolatency", Buffer size: 2500 Kb

Error Message:
"An error ocurred during streaming: Queue packets exceeded limit video encoder = 363. Average packet processing time = 51 (msec). Please check your streaming parameters. The most probable reason of this type of error is extremely high processor and meomry load." (Suggestions to change the recording and streaming parameters follow.)

I already unsuccessfully tried changing (inclusive saving, closing and restarting Splitcam in between):
- fast encoder preset first to "superfast", then to "ultrafast", both times with keyframe at 2 secs,
- chose the "baseline" profile and lowered its bitrate to 250 (!) Kb/sec,
- tried different "Tune" presets, with its buffer size once at 2500 and then at 5000 Kb

Can anyone suggest adequate settings, or tell me, what the problem is, please? :o

Thanks and Greetings,

Re: Recording to hard disc: failure

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Your pc is very low, your processor old :-(
I don't think with this PC you can work correctly with video.

Re: Recording to hard disc: failure

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Thanks for your reply.
I by now updated my Windows 10 32-bit to the 64 bit-version and it works a lot better.
Also I changed the power options and it does work fluently now, despite the old pc. Recordings are now possible up to 40 seconds, which is enough for my tasks.

But: is it possible to change the settings for recording via the stream options? Are ther more options for recordings than in the "settings" menu?