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Some essentials improvements

I have some improvements to suggest you:
1) In some videochat selecting the use of Splitcam a message appears: "the use of webcam simulation software is not allowed". Could you do something so that Splitcam is not recognized as a webcam simulator?
2) A series of easy commands, such as a timeline, would be very useful to be able to zoom the video or a portion of video, being able to move it even when it is in play. The one you have implemented is really uncomfortable.
3) When you pause a video or series of images, the pause mark appears on the monitor, it should be deleted from the video or photo display.
Thank you for your continued effort to improve this wonderful application.

Re: Some essentials improvements

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1. You can change vistrual camera ( driver name)  go to setting of splitcam , there go to General and change SplitCam Video Driver to other one.

2.  Can you explaine more about this idea?

3. If you play video in SplitCam you can click pause on video - the pause mark not appears on the monitor.

But if you click ctrl+space yes its appear.