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Stuck in Virtual Camera Driver install loop


I've used Splitcam very regularly recently, as it's been a fantastic support during all these video meetings and is a great way to take control over my webcam's settings. However, I just went to use it again and I'm being asked to install the virtual camera drive again. If I go to install the driver again, I type in my password for it to install, but nothing happens. The window closes, and that's it.

The only thing I've done recently is ran a few clean ups with the software 'Clean My Mac x', and all I can think of is I maybe wiped the driver or permissions? But that wouldn't explain the fact it wont install again.

I've tried deleting the app and installing from new with no luck. Any ideas? I don't understand why it would just stop working!

Re: Stuck in Virtual Camera Driver install loop

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Hello Simon
We received your email , and i see you fixed  this issue.

If you know the solution please write here , i hope it's be helpeful for other users too.