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SplitCam Recording Quality

Hi, I'm new to SplitCam and have installed V.10,4,22 on Win10

Basic it works fine, I need it to be able to record the webcam at the same time another application use the webcam therefore the splitter.

The quality does look the same on different application eg VLC so that great.

But when I hit "Cam Record" Icon it goes red and record to harddrive, then when playing the video file from harddrive the quality are bad compared to the Live version, it seems like some colorspace transcoding are wrong, please see the attached img

So is this a know problem?
Also where do I se the recording resolution / codec / bitrate etc?

I hope it makes sense and there are a way to tweak the SplitCam to fix the problem
Thank you

Re: SplitCam Recording Quality

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I have exactly the same issue

Re: SplitCam Recording Quality

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Please download new version 10.4.23 from site , updated few hours ago!
And let me know if its help you ?
Thank You

Re: SplitCam Recording Quality

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Hi,  I have installed 10.4.23 and can confirm that the recording now looks correct,  :D

Thank you a lot for a quick response/fix  and a nice program