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SplitCam don't recognize my webcam

Hi, I'm using SplitCam 10.4.6 x64 but when I try to add a webcam layer SplitCam didn't recognize my webcam, but when I add a microphone it recognizes the webcam audio, I use an amkov MK5000s on webcam mode, in windows, the webcam appears like ICatchtek SPCA6350, I try reinstalling it, installing SplitCam 9.0, reinstalling my webcam drivers (I didn't found any drivers on amkov webpage so I disconnected the camera, uninstalled the driver and reconnected the camera and wait to windows to install the driver automatically). Every other program like Discord, MS Teams, Windows 10 Camera program and Chrome recognized normally.

PD: This the first time that I am using SplitCam.

Ty for all your replies.

Re: SplitCam don't recognize my webcam

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Hello David
To check your camera we need to access to your pc or we need to have this camera model in our office , but unfortunately we don't have it .

Please let me know how we can test it together ?

Thank You