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A few technical words remain the same because it simply sounds confusing in Romanian language
  • Neural Network Denoise
  • Layer/ layer - "the layer" for RO version there's layerul and articulation or not is based on given context
  • screenshot, click, canvas, white noise, streaming, snapshot, Start/Stop (which is international), Gain, slideshow, playlist, log in, $AMOUNT , $NICK

No diacritics, because I have no idea if the font used by software has those type of characters and will look bad in UI .
Anyways, attached the ro version. I will see if it needs some minor tweaking once with release of SplitCam updated version and see the language at work in UI.
It would be nice if there was an option to change language for the SplitCam interface.
I did searched trough source files but without luck.
If SplitCam Software  devs  adds language support on their "to do list" and make it possible for me to help with translation of the strings from English to Romanian language I will be happy to help.

I have no idea what the implementation of this development implies from dev point of view but would be nice to have this software's interface in other languages.
It's not a very important feature to have developed but its a nice one.

As for my help, yup I can do accurate translations (intelligible ones) and not one to one because one to one is not natural in Romanian language --- only from English to Romanian, my native language... (oh... if diacritics are supported, even better)

Leve me a message if I can help.
Best regards, Dan N
DEVELOPERS / SplitCam Overlays and Resources

Hi, my name is Dan N, web designer at Camgirl.Cloud
Related to my profession and service, I had the pleasure to receive suggestions from webcam performers regarding overlays/ Media Layers and how to customize them to spice-up live streaming session.
In this context I've decided to "connect the dots" and offer a few resources and tutorials for webcam performers as open source on SplitCam Resources
So far there's not much content "to play with" but I plan to add more as soon as I finish typing and posting this topic.
Content of this open source is focusing on overlays, tutorials and graphics for now.

My Tip Menu Overlay for webcam performers is a browser layer source running from local device
- demo and download available

Create a DMCA Overlay with image and animated text. A short tutorial with text, screenshots and video
- read tutorial

Congratulation Overlay 2in1 - another browser source layer to show animated confetti and text on live stream.
- demo and download available

Being an open source means it is free for use and anyone with few skills can contribute with resources. Fork it or download the repository if needed.

For feedback, suggestions or ideas, feel free to post here or on repository discussions section

At the end of the day... just have fun  ;)

It would be nice if there's an option to group two or multiple layers.
I am working on some overlays for webcam performers and it would be useful if a layer holding an image could be grouped with a text layer for example and trigger the visibility for both via eye icon at once/one click
On this context, a news bar overlay can be created, a DMCA bar with scrolling text (if scrolling/marquee effect works) , a top tipper overlay would work and so many other ideas for overlays based on grouping layers.

FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / [Develop] Interaction with browser based Media Layers
Fairly newbie using SplitCam but has some features which are very powerful.
I was testing a browser based Layer/Overlay and it would be nice if users could interact with content of the overlay.
Is it possible to develop the functionality for a user to be able to click/type or something like that on browser based overlays/media layers?

Another suggestion:
Is it possible to add a Browse button in the Add Browser window?
Yes copy and paste in URL filed of a url full path of a local file works ok but Browse button would be nice to have.