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SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / failed recordings
I am new to Splitcam.  Trying to find a way to record a USB camera straight to my PC while being on a zoom call.  The virtual zoom camera function seems to work great.

After installing and setting up my webcam as a source, I tried a few recordings and the recording stops after about 20-30 seconds.  The video file ends up being between 5-7 seconds.

I get this error message:
An error occurred during streaming.
Queue packets limit exceeded video encoder = 361
average packet processing time = 66(msec)
check streaming parameters

I am not actually streaming and have not set up any streaming service.  Recording fails even when I am not logged into zoom or using the splitcam virtual webcam

I am using an older 64bit W10 i7 2.3GHz laptop with 12GB of Ram. (Intel Core i7-3610QM @2.30GHz) 

log indicates CPU usage is usually running around 6% and Ram load seems to be around 30%

I am hoping to record full HD 1920x1080 high quality, but the zoom feed doesnt have to be spectacular. 
Any thoughts or Ideas?

The Log file indicates this error message:
21:31:50 Stream id=-1 [error]: none, "Queue packets limit exceeded video encoder = 361
 average packet processing time = 66(msec)"
21:31:50 Stream id=-1 [state]: error
21:31:50 Stream id=-1 [state]: closing
21:31:50 ERROR: computer can't handle streaming with current settings
21:31:51 Stream id=-1 [state]: closed
21:31:51 Stream id=-1 [state]: closed
21:31:51 Streamed audio duration: 24 secs
21:31:51 Streamed video duration: 24 secs
21:31:51 Streaming finished
21:31:51 Stream id=1 [state]: closing
21:31:51 Stream id=1 [state]: closed