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FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Better control over playing a video
I would like a way to create a scene with a video and
  • Go to that scene and have it display the first frame of the video as a still image
  • When I press PLAY play through the video ONCE and stop
  • Display the final frame as a still image

I understand it is possible to turn off the REPLAY option on the video.  However, when I do this, save the project, and later open the same project, REPLAY is enabled again.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Controls for video disappear when video is zoomed and panned
I added a video to a scene.  The video was shot in portrait mode, so I want to zoom in and pan to frame it well.  When I do this, the video controls (play/pause) pan out of view, and can't be accessed.  I have no way to start and stop the video.

If it is hard to fix this, hot keys for play and pause would be a workaround.
SPLITCAM TECH SUPPORT / Splitcam works for a few days, then outputs only a black screen
I installed splitcam 10.4.23 (64 bit) a few days ago.  It worked fine with zoom, and then for no apparent reason started outputting only a black screen.  The sound was still coming through.  Zoom worked with other real and virtual webcams, and skype also showed the black screen.  Rebooting did not fix it.  I repaired the installation of splitcam in Control Panel, and it started working for a short time (probably less than an hour) before it went to a black screen again.  Next I uninstalled and reinstalled splitcam.  It again worked for a few hours.  I closed it, rebooted, and again it outputs a black screen.    In other words, it is useless!

Thanks in advance for any help.