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FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Suggestions For New Effects, Overlays And Backgrounds
 :) Hi, I have suggestions for new effects, overlays and backgrounds to improve SplitCam. For effects I suggest various animated colored lasers effects and various animated colored particles effects. For overlays I suggest brick frame overlay, brick frame with animated lights overlay, various wood frames overlays, various wood frames with animated lights overlays, seasonal frames overlays, seasonal animated frames overlays, animated Christmas lights frame overlay, Christmas garland frame overlay, Christmas garland with animated lights frame overlay and animated UFO flying back and forth with face on cam inside window of UFO frame overlay. For backgrounds I suggest nature theme backgrounds, animated nature theme backgrounds, city theme backgrounds, animated city theme backgrounds, seasonal theme backgrounds and animated seasonal theme backgrounds. For other overlays I suggest adding feature to add uploaded images overlays, add uploaded animated gifs overlays, add uploaded videos overlays, add text overlays, add scrolling text overlays, add painting overlays, add drawing overlays, add time overlay and add date overlay. For other backgrounds I suggest adding feature to add uploaded custom backgrounds for backgrounds. I hope you consider adding these to SplitCam in future updates. Thanks.