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FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Adding Transition, Animations and Effects to Scenes and Elements
These are some use cases

I want to add special effects to elements in a scene. These are some use cases:
- I want to conditionally add or remove elements

When I open a presentation I want to add / show this to the scene. If I close it I want to remove / hide it.

- I want to have transition effects on the elements like:
  - moving them
  - re sizing them
  - fading in or fading out
  - coming in or going out

Say I share a presentation. Then I want to start with a full video which gradually becomes a small box.

When there is sound from one of the sources I want to add a highlighted frame around the video or gradually make the displayed text bigger like the name of the person.

- I want to group certain elements within a scene and / or multiple scenes together and add the effects to the group. 

- I want to have a hierarchical event system to specify the flow of the whole production which I can edit
  - There will be external events and
  - Internal event like switching scenes

Global event capture can be used to change scenes. This will have events like window open, sound or video detected at source, enter / exit full screen, etc. 

When a scene is chosen I want to add effects when the scene is chosen and when the scene is left.

The events can be added to the global level, group of scenes, a scene, a group of elements, a element.

When it starts it might be just the camera. When I open a presentation, I want it to move to this being shown and the picture made into a small box.

When I have multiple sources as they become active I want to move positions of other sources based on the number of active sources and what sources are active.
FEATURE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS / Ability to Limit Sound Input from a Given App Or App Window
It there a way to easily limit the sound input to the shared window or if this is not possible only the application of the window.

This way is another programme makes a sound or you talk to the mic for something else it does not be capered.

I guess this can be done audio mixer setting but it will be easier if it can be done withing SplitCam with more finer control.