Release SplitCam v10.3.21

Version 10.3.21 (03/31/2020)


  • Added restream functionality to minimize network load for multiple streams. SplitCam uses its own restream located in USA and Europe to provide this functionality.
  • Added splash screen on program startup.
  • Added system provided webcam settings dialog.
  • SplitCam now supports Video Image Source plugins. More info for developers can be found at https://splitcam.com/plugins/


  • Optimized screen capture code to give higher quality and less CPU usage.
  • Higher quality of text in Text layers.
  • Updated SSL third party libraries to latest versions.
  • Additional search methods added for delay-loaded DLLs.
  • AMD GPU detection code update.
  • Disabled selecting SplitCam virtual webcam when physical webcam was disconnected between program sessions.
  • Updated setup project to address errors during installation.
  • Disabled forced AMD GPU detection.
  • Disabled GPU driver update dialog.
  • Changed the order of media layers in UI.
  • Streams window now stays visible when mouse-clicking outside of it. To close the window click the Stream Settings button again.


  • Selection frame remains on screen after the webcam is deleted from default project.
  • Working with non-transparent GIFs.
  • Program crashed on some systems not having Visual C redistributables installed.
  • Random crashes on program exit.
  • Address the issue when a hung copy of SplitCam remains running after the program exit.
  • Crash in audio list items update list in rare cases of scene switching.
  • Some minor issues with ipcamera.
  • Addressed minor issues with streaming code.
  • Fixed disappearing main scene preview after some modal dialog is closed.