Release SplitCam v 10.3.42 (04/14/2020)

Version 10.3.42 (04/14/2020)


Added Skin Smoother effect.
Screenshare sources can now grab separate windows and external monitors.
Added Always-on-top scene preview window which is automatically shown every time the main SplitCam window is minimized.
Added x64 version of the program. You can download x86 or x64 version depending on your preferences or system requirements. Before switching to a new program architecture it is highly recommended to uninstall previous version of SplitCam.
Added support for WEBP image format.
Added support for transparent PNG format.

Additional logging for tracking errors on user computers.
Layers with sources having fixed size are sized proportionally. Hold down Alt key to temporarily disable proprtional sizing.
Screen capture source code updated to use hardware acceleration on supported systems. CPU usage greatly reduced and picture quality is now much better. On older Windows machines we still use previous capture methods which results in high CPU load and the lack of capturing many of the modern application windows.
Updated algorithms when working with animated GIF and WEBP files. Now they use less CPU, load much faster, play smoother and give better picture quality.
Autoupdate will now download and ask user to install the x86 or x64 version depending on which version of the program is currently running.
Audio monitor output changed. The new code is still under testing so it may be changed in future version. You can enable audio monitor by Ctrl-clicking the global Mute button.
Fixed crash on program exit due to audio playback.
Fixed bugs with Slideshow layer.
Fixed installer bug preventing SplitCam installations on older Windows systems.

Fixed rare cases when program hangs or crahes on exit.
Bug fixes in Screenshare layers.
Fixed display of semi-transparent layers with rounded corners.
Fixed Screenshare sources causing program crash on some computers.
Fixed file recorder: the problems with pixelated videos and asynced sound should be resolved now.
General program stability and performance enhancements.
Setup project now deletes previous version before installing a new one. This done in prevention of files being used and not updated during installation.