Public release

New features

Not much new was added to the latest release.
Multi-server streaming as described above.
We’ve added a Date filter that shows the current date and time on user’s video.
The text effect was updated and now has a new user interface for editing the
text and applying color, font family, style, weight and alignment.
The program state is now saved between startups. It means the webcam
selection, audio parameters, filters and color adjustments are saved on program
exit and get restored when you run SplitCam next time.
Added basic audio and video encoder settings for controlling the quality and
bandwidth of the output stream.


Public release

In preparation for this public release we’ve fixed the most annoying bugs and
optimised the code to be as less resource hungry as possible in the current
implementation. The setup package has now twice the size of the previous release
since ffmpeg.exe was added to it for x86 and x64 Windows platforms.