New Splitcam

1. New internal codec.
2. Broadcast(live stream) for Facebook.com.
3. Broadcast for Youtube.com.
4. Added the Paste button to the Broadcast control.
5. In Help added details for Broadcast for each TV server.
6. New scrolling control for the Effects.
7. Sound optimization in the Audio mixer.
8. Added the option Show start info.
9. Optimization for record finish.

1. DirectShow::GetListResolutions – m_pCaptureBuilder->FindInterface() error – hr=0x80004003 m_pSrcFilter=0x0  m_pAMStreamConfig=0x0
2. Did not work the log for switch of Video Source.
3. Failed to load ffmpeg.dll.
4. Crash after play of video without an audio track.
5. Broadcast bug: Error while decoding stream #0:0
6. Recording bug: Error while opening encoder for output stream.
7. Output corrupted frames for 512×384 resolution.