Camfrog via SplitCam Video Guide

Let’s see how to set settings in Camfrog program for proper work with webcam software.

Firstly start SplitCam and in “Sources” menu choose “Webcam”, in the list select your webcam. Then move to “Audio” menu, there check “audio input device” box, and in the list select your microphone. It’s done.

Now start Camfrog and go to main menu by clicking “Camfrog” button. Choose “Settings”. Now move to “Audio & Video” tab. In “Devices” section, in “Video capture device” drop down list select “SplitCam Video Capture”. Next go to “Audio” tab and in “Device” list select “SplitCam Audio Device” and click “Apply” button. Now your settings are ready for use.

Work with SplitCam and Camfrog and enjoy!