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Can't add video as Media Layer

Today I downloaded Splitcam and installed it on my MAC Catalina. It says version 0.5 (1) while I read on the site it should be version 9, but that's not the real problem.
I added as Media Layers my Videocamera, then I added a screen portion, the microphone and an image.
I could not add any kind of video file,  nor Image slideshow, nor Text Layer.
In the window, these three voices, compared to the first four, appear less brilliant and while passing over the firsts the rectangle becomes blue when the cursor passes over these three voices, nothing happens.
Other problem is that I could not make Firefox detect SplitCam so, instead of broadcasting Splitcam window, it broadcasts the Mac webcam.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Can't add video as Media Layer

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Hello Bigmim

Thank you for your post.

The SplitCam version for mac its still beta - we work to add now text and video.
Next step we want to add virtual video camera.

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