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Software bug

Hi I'm streaming MP4 video file in the software and I can not hear a sound funded ... How will a series run?

Re: Software bug

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Hello Moranos
In few days we will send you new version for test .

Thank You

Re: Software bug

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Just installed version 10.3.93 beta.  Great Program!  A few minor problems.  Same problem no mp4 sound, the audio mixer is empty.   When added a browser page that has sound, same empty audio mixer. IE add a youtube viide. ,

A couple other problems I think.  I can not get select region to work in screen capture, although it allow curving the corners in. .  Still trying to figure it out.

When selecting add monitor only the  primary monitor shows.  I  have three monitors and the other two when selected in "screen capture" are not displayed.. Only the primary monitor is displayed

Accessing text options is a bit difficult as the edit box must be expanded to  the right to access colors.

Love the program.  Best of Luck.