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640x480 canvas

Hi there i was wondering why we change change the Canvas of the video
could u add this to the new update it would be nice to be able to post a picture to fit the canvas of the site
i been on paltalk for years and all our djs are using your splitcam..only issue is overlays don't line up. so they using
other softwares when your software should really be the only one we use... i notice that resolution don't have a 640x480  it
has 640x 360..  our cams are 640x480

Re: 640x480 canvas

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Just tell to us more information and we can do it for you , can you send link where i can check it ?

If you have telegram please contact me @splitcam

Re: 640x480 canvas

Reply #2  its a chat based website...the camera is in files and preferences /voice and video there u can stream splitcam
u will see that it don't fit the screen...i would like if you can set the canvas to what size camera of the site....i had to make template for splitcam.. just  use splitcam.. but would be nice if we can switch the canvas..obs lets me change the canvas manycam does webcamax does ...all these i don't want to use i want to use your software