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Remove or change advertising in SplitCam?

Your product might work, but including advertising from "" really makes it unprofessional and not suitable for use in a work environment.

Is there a way to block adult content from your advertising or do I need to find a different program to use with my webcam?

Re: Remove or change advertising in SplitCam?

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You can test the new version SplitCam 9 , this version free of ads.

For now SplitCam 9 beta version work only for win 10 ,  most program features are being coded from bottom up using new technologies and updated versions of tools.
We are transferring the functionality available in the previous version of SplitCam to the new one trying to make it even more user friendly and easier to use. Since it’s still work in progress we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they will surely influence the final outcome.

Download SplitCam 9.0



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thanks for sharing