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After Updating Splitcam from 10.6.25 to the newest version i get an Error Message:

UNEXPECTED ERROR. See log output for more info. code: 0xC0000005. Flags: 0. Address: 0x00007FF70AE8C65B

Same situation on second computer, both if i have an IP Cam as Source.
Delete the Source and i can start SplitCam without the Error message.

If i don't accept the message, SplitCam still works, i can see the video preview and also the virtual cam shows me the video. But if i Click on OK Button in the Error Message Box, SplitCam closes.

first PC with Windows 10 (DELL), other Laptop with Windows 11 (ASUS).

found an old 10.5.80 setup file in my archived downloads. Downgrade to this version, here everything works, but i am still interesting in installing the newest version.

Code: [Select]
2023-09-27  =====================================

20:15:13 SplitCam starting: v10.7.18 x64
20:15:13 CPUID: Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 12, GenuineIntel
20:15:13 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz
20:15:13 OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home 10.0.22621 64-Bit
20:15:13 Initializing Gdiplus
20:15:13 Gdiplus initialized
20:15:13 Creating app object
20:15:13 Resetting project to defaults
20:15:13 Deleting scenes
20:15:13 Done deleting scenes
20:15:13 Clearing stream settings
20:15:13 Deleting streams
20:15:13 Done deleting streams
20:15:13 Creating deafult scene
20:15:13 Initializing scene object
20:15:13 Creating video capture sources
20:15:13 Creating video capture renderers
20:15:13 Creating video capture canvas
20:15:13 Creating chat notifier
20:15:13 Creating chat notifier layer
20:15:13 Saving created context to static contexts list
20:15:13 Setting video callback
20:15:13 Setting default canvas size to 1920x1080
20:15:13 Setting canvas callback
20:15:13 Setting audio callback
20:15:13 Registering deafult scene
20:15:13 Getting default project path
20:15:13   C:\Users\post\AppData\Local\Splitcam\default.scproject
20:15:13 Initializing default theme
20:15:13 Startup project file doesn't exist: ""
20:15:13 Running app
20:15:13 Displaying splash screen
20:15:13 Loading options from "C:\Users\post\AppData\Local\Splitcam\options.xml"
20:15:13 Loading local copies of ingest and restream servers lists
20:15:13 Updating the list of restream servers
20:15:13 Done updating the list of restream servers
20:15:13 Initializing common controls
20:15:13 Common controls inited
20:15:13 Initializing resources
20:15:13 Saving "loading.gif" resource to file
20:15:13 Resources initialized
20:15:13 Initializing cloud config
20:15:13 Finished initialization of cloud config
20:15:13 Setting up workspace
20:15:13 Loading last project: "C:\Users\post\AppData\Local\Splitcam\default.scproject"
20:15:13 Checking available GPUs
20:15:14 2 GPUs found in the system.
20:15:14   nVidia GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with Max-Q Design
20:15:14   Intel GPU: Intel(R) UHD Graphics
20:15:14 Loading project file "C:\Users\post\AppData\Local\Splitcam\default.scproject"
20:15:14 Deleting scenes
20:15:14 Stopping capture sources
20:15:14 Deleting video context
20:15:14 Looking for current context in static context list
20:15:14 Deleting notifier
20:15:14 Deleting capture sources
20:15:14 Deleting renderers
20:15:14 Deleting canvas
20:15:14 Canvas thread stopped
20:15:14 Done deleting scenes
20:15:14 Deleting streams
20:15:14 Done deleting streams
20:15:14 Initializing scene object
20:15:14 Creating video capture sources
20:15:14 Creating video capture renderers
20:15:14 Creating video capture canvas
20:15:14 Creating chat notifier
20:15:14 Creating chat notifier layer
20:15:14 Saving created context to static contexts list
20:15:14 Setting video callback
20:15:14 Setting default canvas size to 1920x1080
20:15:14 Setting canvas callback
20:15:14 Setting audio callback
20:15:14 Updating scenes
20:15:14 Creating memory renderer for splitcam driver.
20:15:14 Error creating decoder from file "C:\Users\post\AppData\Local\Splitcam\loading.gif" in ImageLoader: 0x800401F0.
20:15:14 Activating scene 0
20:15:14 Finished setting up work space.
20:15:14 Starting UI
20:15:14 SYM Symbol-SearchPath: '.', symOptions: 530, UserName: 'post'
20:15:14 Destroying splash screen
20:15:14 SplitCam started
20:15:14 Available desktop size: 1920x1032
20:15:14 Creating dialog class ui::CStatisticsWindow, "CPU" at (686, 22) of size 640x392
20:15:14 Creating dialog class ui::CStatisticsWindow, "GPU" at (686, 22) of size 640x392
20:15:14 Creating dialog class ui::CStatisticsWindow, "RAM" at (686, 22) of size 640x392
20:15:14 Creating dialog class ui::CStreamStatistics, "Stream Statistics" at (686, 22) of size 640x392
20:15:14 Show Statistics panel.
20:15:14 Initializing virtual driver interface
20:15:15 Acivating scene 0
20:15:15 SYM Z:\Projects\apps\jack\splitcam\splitcam\splitcam\model\CGifLoader.cpp (112): vcapture::CGifLoader::getNextFrame
20:15:15 SYM Z:\Projects\apps\jack\splitcam\splitcam\splitcam\model\CIpCameraSource.cpp (120): vcapture::CIpCameraSource::_LoaderThread
20:15:15 SYM 00007FF90BAE257D (KERNEL32): (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk
20:15:15 SYM 00007FF90C6EAA68 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlUserThreadStart
20:15:15 UNEXPECTED ERROR. See log output for more info.
 Code: 0xC0000005.
 Flags: 0.
 Address: 0x00007FF70AE8C65B.

20:15:15 Memory usage:

        Total RAM : 16,161 MiB
         Free RAM : 7,498 MiB
         RAM Load : 53%
     SplitCam RAM : 335 MiB
     SplitCam CPU : 10.2%
     SplitCam GPU : 0.0%

20:15:17 Initializing chat notifier
20:15:17 Finished initializing chat notifier
20:15:17 Updating chat client
20:15:17 Finished updating chat client
20:15:39 Measured internet upload speed: 68173 Kbps

default.scproject (with free rtsp stream for testing)
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<project name="My Project" ver="1.4">
    <scene name="Scene 1" id="1a54e5d8-00d0-4f05-9c79-c396f4acc9b1">
      <vcontext active="1">
        <pause type="0">
          <text>Be Right Back</text>
          <blur enabled="1">5,000000</blur>
        <canvas fps="30.00">
          <source name="" id="c8ab38ea-7175-4e1f-811b-8c87f63be219" locked="0" type="7">
            <layer zorder="0" visible="1" rtl="0" rtr="0" rbr="0" rbl="0" rotx="-1" roty="-1" rota="0">
              <position_props type="0" direction="0" speed="30" faceDetect="0"></position_props>
              <zoom x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="720"></zoom>
              <crop left="0" top="0" right="1280" bottom="720"></crop>
            <ipcam path=";frame_count=1000000000" volume="1,000000"></ipcam>
          <source name="" volume="1,000000" mute="0" type="16387">
              <effect name="Noise Suppress" enabled="0">
                  <param name="Suppression" type="1" min="-60" max="0" step="1">-30</param>
              <effect name="Gain Filter" enabled="0">
                  <param name="Gain" type="1" min="-30" max="30" step="1">0</param>
              <effect name="Complex Filter" enabled="0">
                  <param name="Noise Suppression" type="1" min="0" max="60" step="1">30</param>
                  <param name="Echo Suppression" type="1" min="0" max="60" step="1">20</param>
              <effect name="Compressor" enabled="0">
                  <param name="Type (COMP/LIMIT)" type="1" min="0" max="1" step="1">1</param>
                  <param name="Threshold" type="1" min="-60" max="0" step="1">-10</param>
                  <param name="Ratio" type="1" min="1" max="20" step="1">5</param>
                  <param name="Attack" type="1" min="1" max="300" step="10">20</param>
                  <param name="Release" type="1" min="20" max="5000" step="20">500</param>
    <nprovider prov="0" id="MyFreeCams" name="MyFreeCams" user="" active="0">
      <notify from="1" to="99" durtype="1" dur="6000">
    <nprovider prov="1" id="bonga" name="BongaCams" user="" active="0">
      <notify from="1" to="99" durtype="1" dur="6000">
    <nprovider prov="2" id="cam4" name="Cam4" user="" active="0">
      <notify from="1" to="99" durtype="1" dur="6000">
    <nprovider prov="3" id="camsoda" name="CamSoda" user="" active="0">
      <notify from="1" to="99" durtype="1" dur="6000">
    <nprovider prov="4" id="chatur" name="Chaturbate" user="" active="0">
      <notify from="1" to="99" durtype="1" dur="6000">
    <nprovider prov="5" id="stripchat" name="StripChat" user="" active="0">
      <notify from="1" to="99" durtype="1" dur="6000">
  <preset name="" sid="default">
    <audio enc="libfdk_aac"></audio>
    <video enc="h264_nvenc" w="1280" h="720" fps="30,000000">
      <rc name="CBR"></rc>
        <string>rtsp://rtsp:[email protected]:554/av_stream/ch0</string>
        <string>rtsp://rtsp:[email protected]:554/av_stream/ch0</string>

and my options
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<options ver="1.0">
  <flags val="710"></flags>
    <rec_res>Same as canvas</rec_res>
    <snap_every>15 sec</snap_every>


Re: UNEXPECTED ERROR with 10.7.18

Reply #2
This resolve my error on my laptop and on the pc.
Tested for some days no errors anymore.