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trying to post this picture

The size of the subject has to be really small to put on the share window or game
before it would resize it to fit the screen full or not

screenshare size.jpg : The post data is missing. This error could be caused by trying to submit a file larger than allowed by the server. Please contact your administrator if this problem continues.

screenshare size.jpg (34.68 KB)
not sure wht this means

Restrictions: 6 per post, maximum total size 8,192 KB, maximum individual size 2,048 KB'

also  in order to share window i had to downsize my subjet to 368x456   to display it on cam .. before when u shared image it would put the whole image on screen now it makes u size to screen...and if it don't fit i have to downsize the object im trying to display till it fits
..seem i found the issue we have to use size of my screen in order to see full screen before it just showed on the size screen
 image fits the screen after u fit the screen...ok that do able... but thats what i found out it won't share my pop out for paltalk NG